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  • Providing early treatment of psychosis in individuals 15-30 years old

The Early Clinic First Episode Program helps individuals who are feeling lost, confused, or out of touch to get the help they need. Our team serves those between the ages of 15-30 who are experiencing a first lifetime episode of any psychotic symptoms and/or psychotic illness. Individuals are accepted into the clinic if they have had qualifying symptoms for 12 months or less and are suitable for outpatient care as determined by the Early Clinic team.

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment & Psychiatric Services

    A clinical evaluation is the first step in determining if your symptoms may be the result of early psychosis.
  • Medication Management

    When recommended as part of your overall treatment plan, our psychiatrists can prescribe and monitor medications.
  • Family Psychoeducation Services

    It is important for loved ones to know what you are going through; we offer a range of support services to help.
  • Counseling

    Talking with a counselor may help you feel less alone and can play an important role in the critical early phases of treatment.
  • Comprehensive Community Support Services

    You are not alone. We will help you coordinate with a variety of local programs, services and support in your community.
  • Supported Employment and Education

    Achieving your goals is an important part of recovery. We can help you develop coping strategies for work and school.
  • Outreach

    We help the community understand emotional and behavioral health, reduce misconceptions and change negative attitudes.
  • Referrals

    We can provide recommendations, when needed, for medical care, neurology evaluation, and substance abuse treatment.